Volunteering abroad and corona


​The corona pandemic is a turbulent time for IBO: after all, the core activity of the organization is organizing volunteer work abroad. However, a large part of 'abroad' is now inaccessible and for many project organizations it was also difficult to comply with all local and international measures to contain the pandemic.

Fortunately, we were able to realize a few volunteer projects in 2020. We are happy to share how that was achieved!

  • The successful projects were relatively close to home: we mainly saw volunteers go to the Netherlands, Germany and France this summer. That made it easier to travel back (if necessary).
  • The distance rules were followed as closely as possible. Sometimes mouth masks were used and in some volunteer groups it was agreed to live together in a 'bubble' for the entire project period.
  • For each project, it was carefully examined how the local measures could be met and this was discussed with the volunteers. Think of measures like working outside as much as possible, cleaning work materials, eating outside, sufficient sleeping space, etc.

And we are happy to report that everyone came back healthy!

You can read here how much fun the project in Wissembourg, France was.

And view the photos of the cool project in Hitzacker, Germany.

Would you like to volunteer abroad? New international projects are planned for 2021! See the project overview for more information.

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