A tailor-made project is, as the word implies, made to fit your requirements. This means together with you, we look at how, when and where you want to volunteer. We look at your skills, wishes and possibilities and connect you to a project organization where they can make good use of your efforts and where they have the possibility to guide you.

A tailor-made project is bespoke for an individual. You usually go on your own or in pairs. Sometimes there are also other foreign volunteers present, sometimes not.
A tailor-made project is commonly for a longer period - from one month - so that you can really mean something for the organization as an individual volunteer. Sometimes you can do a tailor-made project as an internship.


The costs of a tailor-made project depend on the project and country you are going to and the length of your stay there. For a tailor-made project, IBO-Nederland charges the actual costs associated with your stay + a contribution of €125 for preparation and organization. You will receive a proposal with cost estimate from IBO in advance.

When determining the project contribution, we take into account the costs incurred by the project organization for:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Contribution towards costs for materials
  • Organizational costs

You organize the trip to the project yourself.

In addition, each volunteer is responsible for:

  • good travel insurance that covers voluntary work abroad
  • a valid passport or ID card
  • if necessary: valid visa
  • if necessary: ​​preventive vaccinations/medicines

IBO will advise and contribute ideas and previous experiences.

Projects with options for tailor-made projects are shown in the list of projects, without a start- and end-date

Are you interested in a tailor-made project? Please contact IBO!