Support IBO

​Everyone can support the valuable work of IBO. Volunteers donate time and labour and donors support our work financially. Every contribution counts!

IBO-Nederland is a non-profit organisation with great love for the world. We work together with local, reliable project organisations, whose employees are committed to the good cause. The projects desperately need our support. IBO helps with the recruitment of volunteers and, if necessary, with financing their accommodation and materials to make the projects a success.

IBO does not receive structural financing. For our own existence and that of the projects, we depend on the contributions and fundraising of volunteers and the gifts of donors.

IBO-Nederland is a small organisation. Every contribution makes a real difference!

Digital donation

Through this link you can make a one-time donation via iDeal. Your donation, for which you can decide on the amount yourself, will immediately and fully benefit IBO.

Gift by bank transfer

You can also transfer your gift to IBO yourself. IBO will then receive 100% of your contribution. You choose whether your gift is one-time or whether you donate an amount to IBO several times, possibly via automatic transfer.

Transfer your donation to NL27INGB0000860700 in the name of Stichting Bouworde Nederland.

Become a regular donor

You can authorize IBO-Nederland to debit a certain amount per month/quarter/year by filling in this form or you can create an automatic transfer yourself.

Become a sponsor

IBO is open to corporate sponsorship. Would you like to support our organisation with your company? Please feel free to contact IBO.


Would you like to support IBO without a direct financial contribution? Sponsor IBO-Nederland by doing your online shopping via Sponsorkliks! It will cost you nothing. Click here to directly go to Sponsorkliks.

SponsorKliks, gratis sponsoren!

Periodic Donation Agreement

With a Periodic Donation Agreement you agree with IBO-Nederland that you will donate a certain amount per year. You enter into the agreement for a minimum of 5 years. In the Netherlands, this gift is fully tax deductible. The Internationale Bouworde is an ANBI. For more information, visit the website of the tax authorities.

Gift after passing

You can also support IBO financially after your death, for example with a bequest or an inheritance.

By means of a bequest you can specify in your will that you leave a fixed amount of money or specific property, such as a house, to a person or organisation of your choice. For example, you can make your family heir and also leave a certain amount as a bequest to IBO.

By means of an inheritance, you can indicate in your will that a fixed part of the property is allocated to the heirs. The amount depends on the total value of your estate and the number of heirs. You can name Stichting Bouworde Nederland as (co-)heir in your will.

Would you like more information on bequests to IBO-Nederland? Please feel free to contact us. If you decide to include IBO-Nederland in your will, we hope you will let us know.

Please remember: no amount is too small or too large, we are happy with any contribution!

Become a supporter

Support IBO in a different way. Supporters contribute a fixed amount per year to IBO and in turn receive more involvement, first choice for enrolling in projects, and more. Read about IBO supporters on this page.


On behalf of IBO and everyone we can help because of your gift: thank you!

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