Participate in an international volunteering project! Meet new people, help a non-profit organisation and really get to know a country. Get a taste of another culture and go off the beaten path. You will encounter people with all kinds of different backgrounds and live together for a couple weeks - at a workcamp. Meanwhile you are working on a practical job for an organisation that helps to improve people's living conditions.

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Start End Code Country Age Project
IBO-NL Netherlands alle leeftijden Different project?
DU-06 Germany 18+ Contribute to the reconstruction of a ruin in Imsweiler
DU-07 Germany 18+ Renovate a historical building for inclusive sports in Meißen, Germany
DU-08 Germany 18+ Build a recycled shelter in Zierenberg
DU-25 Germany 18+ (Cancelled) Help Circus Snick-Snack to move
AT-14 Austria 18+ Renovate a spiritual centre in Heiligenkreuz
IT-20 Italy 18+ Support an association in healthcare, socio-cultural projects and human rights in Fano
BE-05 Belgium 18-30 Maintain the school for special education in Bruges
MD-04 Moldova 18+ Bring some sunshine to the seniors of Straseni
UG-01 Uganda 18+ Building ecologically with bottle bricks in Uganda
NL-10 Netherlands 18+ Participate in the care of people with an intellectual disability in Nijmegen
FR-22 France 18+ Renovate the inside walls of a church in Poitiers
BE-12 Belgium 18-30 Renovate an organic care farm in Heule
IT-21 Italy 18-30 (FULL) Help build the community towards solidarity in Toro and Colle d'Anchise
FR-23 France 18+ Help out in an international and educational eco-village in La Ferté-Alais
NL-09 Netherlands 21+ Help paint the walls of youngsters with complex problems in Voorst
GE-18 Georgia 18+ Renovate a centre for underprivileged children and youngsters in Kaspi
FR-24 France 18+ (FULL) Renovate a traditional eco peasant house on the island of Oleron
HR-02 Croatia 18+ Give children with disabilities the holiday of a lifetime in Brezovica
BE-11 Belgium 18-30 Restore an ecocentre with clay techniques in Quaregnon
SL-03 Slovenia 18-30 (FULL) Experience ecological living in Topolovec
EE-17 Estonia 18+ Renovate a natureschool for children and youngsters in Tipu
AT-13 Austria 18+ Help to build homes for people in need in Arndorf
SR-27 Suriname 18+ Support a cultural youth centre in Houttuin, Suriname
IT-19 Italy 18-30 (FULL) Help reuse and recycle at a non-profit in Spilamberto
BA-16 Bosnia & Herzegovina 18+ Help to build a peaceful ecovillage in Srebrenica
AT-15 Austria 18+ Renovate a spiritual centre in Heiligenkreuz
KE-GROEP Kenya 18+ Build classrooms in Oyugis and support the community
GH-OM Ghana 18+ Support the school for vulnerable children and youngsters in Ghana
RO-GROEP Romania 18+ Support an integration project for underprivileged young people
PL-GROEP Poland <18 Exchange project with the Chorzów Youth Association
UG-OM Uganda 18+ Help build sanitation and water storage in Uganda
SK-GROEP Slovakia 18+ Activities with people with a disability in Presov
SR-OM Suriname 18+ Support a cultural youth centre in Houttuin, Suriname
MD-GROEP Moldova 18+ Support the elderly of Straseni