Ukrain: inspire kids and teach English


Je gaat vrijwilligerswerk doen in een 'summerschool' voor kinderen van 10 tot 15 jaar, georganiseerd door een Oekraïense NGO.


The programme is calling for volunteers from all over the world to come to Ukraine and teach kids English, German or French at summer camps all over the country! During the two-week programme in summer 2018, children, who might have never been to other countries or have never interacted with foreigners, with the help of volunteer get an amazing possibility to become real team players, critical thinkers and tolerant people who are ready to work in a multicultural environment. The volunteer team helps teachers to design challenging projects and tasks including outdoor activities, improving kids` knowledge of English/German/French/Spanish, and, of course, enjoying the time spent with classmates and the volunteer.


sociaal vrijwilligerswerk Oekraine kinderen school

The main goal of the programme is to educate a new young generation of active and conscious citizens of Ukraine, capable of lifelong learning, and prepared for the challenges of the 21st century, fluent in foreign languages and open to other cultures and experiences. The volunteer of the programme becomes a mentor for schoolkids, helping them to break language and cultural barriers.

The camps take place all over Ukraine, including small cities and villages. Volunteers will be placed in one of the numerous camps in all regions of Ukraine. Our volunteer's safety and security is our priority, so no volunteers are sent to the conflict area.



This NGO is looking for volunteers to dedicate several weeks this summer to assist teachers with various types of activities at the camp. You are expected to conduct interactive activities, games, workshops and together with kids work on socially useful projects. The goal of the camp is to teach the children foreign laguages fluenlty. 


The teachers are responsible for the development of the program and they play the main role in the preparation and implementation of the activities. The volunteer assists the teacher, gets involved in the camp activities and might offer his/her ideas concerning the program. The main task of the volunteer is to motivate children to communicate in a foreign language. 

Volunteers will work for around 5 hours a day for 5 days a week. Weekends are free!



When are you eligible?

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old; there is no upper age restriction. Volunteers of different ages, professions and backgrounds, as well as entire families are welcome to participate.

Volunteers are required to have upper intermediate or above level or be a native-speaker of English, German or French.


It is required for German and French-speaking volunteers to have at least the intermediate level of English. All training sessions for volunteers will be conducted in English. It is also useful for communication with English-speaking support office team members and locals.


Applicants who are not native English/German/French speakers must demonstrate fluency and error-free speech in a Skype interview.



You will stay with a host family near the school where you will work. 



You arrange your own travel to Kiev. There, you will be picked up from the airport and transferred to the training location. On the third day you will travel to your host town / school / family. This will be arranged by the project organisation. 



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  • Inschrijfkosten: € 35,-
  • Deelnamekosten: € 145,-
    Incl. 2 maaltijden per dag, onderdak, begeleiding, voorbereiding en informatie en VOG-aanvraag; excl. reis naar Oekraïne en uitstapjes.

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