Become an IBO supporter


IBO is starting something new! You can now become an even more active part of our organization: as an IBO supporter. We have been linking volunteers to projects for 65 years, where you contribute locally and experience what you can achieve together. Back in the Netherlands, however, we see much less of each other and volunteers who have not been to the same project often do not know each other. We're going to do something about this!

We invite everyone who likes to be involved in IBO to become a supporter. Whether you're thinking about going to your first project this year, you've already been to 10 projects, or just care about IBO: you're welcome. For a contribution of 20 euros per year you get all kinds of benefits, such as more participation, no registration fee and more contact with other supporters. As a supporter, we invite you to IBO activities. We thus ensure more mutual connections. A win-win, because the more people involved in IBO, the more certain our future is. We are working towards an inspiring, enthusiastic and active community of IBO supporters.

Will you also become a supporter? Read on and sign up!