Contribute to the reconstruction of a ruin in Imsweiler

A German project partner BARAC from Mannheim is involved in promoting art and inclusive living. BARAC is currently working on completely rebuilding an old ruin in the municipality of Imsweiler. The Felsbergerhof is set to become a focal point for landscape art in the centre of the Northern Palatinate. A great deal of work is still required to achieve this.

Volunteer work

First of all, the remaining roof structures have to be dismantled, suspended ceilings removed and new concrete floors poured. Later, a new roof construction, a stair tower, the renovation of the existing natural stone walls and the interior work will be carried out. The construction work, therefore, includes roof construction, woodwork, interior work and work with natural stone walls under professional guidance. 


The accomodation of the volunteers it yet to be determined and will be communicated in time. The volunteers are required to bring their own sleeping bag, comfortable working clothes, flipflops and preferably saftety shoes (with a steel nose). 


Imsweiler is a town in the German county of  Rhineland-Palatinate and is a part of the 'Donnersbergkreis'. In the immediate surroundings one can go hiking and in Imsweiler and the surrounding towns one can visit a local cafe for relaxation. 


De vrijwilligers worden op een nader te bepalen tijdstip en plaats opgevangen in Imsweiler, Duitsland.

You arrange the travel to your project yourself. IBO asks all volunteers to travel in the most sustainable way possible, so preferably by train or bus. What you at least can do, is compensate your CO2 emissions. You can find more information about this on the website of Milieu Centraal. You can also compensate your emissions via IBO, by donating to our partner’s tree planting project in Uganda. You can read more about that here.


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For this project you pay €35 registration fee and €79 participation fee. If you become an IBO-supporter, you don't have to pay the registration fee. 

This includes accommodation and meals, local transport, an information pack and (online) preparation meeting. Excluding travel, insurance and any outings.


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