Help Franco-German integration in Alsace


In this project you help an idealistic and enthusiastic group of people to realize their dream: to set up a living-work community where everyone feels at home and where each other and the natural environment are treated in a good way. In the French Alsace region, where this project takes place, the relationship between French and German residents can certainly be improved.

The core group of 'Vereniging Langenberg' consists of approximately 30 adults and 10 children from France and Germany. They have in mind an ecological, intergenerational and cross-border housing and living project. In April 2019, the association was able to buy a beautiful piece of land, directly on the French-German border, with the dilapidated chateau Langenberg. They want to transform this estate into an ecological project, with a vegetable garden and a fruit garden on the basis of guidelines for permaculture and houses made of straw. In addition, there will be an ecological campsite on the site.

wissembourg groepsfoto


In this project you can, as a volunteer, help build houses made of straw bales, plaster with clay/loam and you can be deployed for general renovation work on the chateau and the landscape.


Accommodation in the project in a large dormitory with beds. You do bring your own bedding and sleeping bag! There is one dormitory, so men and women sleep mixed.

Internet access is limited.


Walking, cycling and trips to the city of Wissembourg.


You travel independently by train to Wissembourg station, where you will be picked up (exact time will follow after registration). You can also travel to the project address yourself, for example if you want to go by car.

Cost and registration

Go to register to register directly for this project.

For this project you pay €35 registration fee and €159 participation fee.

This includes accommodation and meals, local transport, an information pack and (online) preparation meeting. Excluding travel, insurance and any outings.